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Keep your skin dry and protect your body temperature with Elemental Layer®

Once you start shivering, no matter how many warm clothes you put on, it won't warm you up.

The cold weather in the mountains is really troublesome. "Elemental Layer®" was developed from the experience of the staff who suffered from such a cold sweat . It is underwear of the new idea. Keep your skin dry by wearing it directly against your skin and layering sweat-absorbing quick-drying wear on top of it.

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Climbing more than comfortable

Climbing more than comfortable

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Made in Japan

At Finetrack, we choose to do everything—from yarn-making to weaving (knitting), finishing fabrics, cutting, and sewing—right here in Japan. The reason that Japan’s textile technologies are the best in the world is because all of those involved have grown together to create a thorough textile industry that starts with the material itself and ends with the finished product. 

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