Base Layer®

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BASE LAYERs that add a new dimension

Finetrack's high-performance BASE LAYERs, combined with our flagship ELEMENTAL LAYER®, provide enhanced heat retention and sweat management to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable on your outdoor pursuits.

At Finetrack, years of research, real-world testing in the elements, and ongoing refinement of our textile technology has led us to achieve optimal interaction between our ELEMENTAL LAYER® and BASE LAYERs.

On their own, our BASE LAYERs achieve an ideal balance between comfort and functionality and comfort by combining natural ramie and wool with synthetic fibers and other proprietary materials and our unique knitting structure.

With ELEMENTAL LAYER®, our BASE LAYERs offer an unbeatably efficient moisture transmitting combo for unparalleled dryness, heat retention, and comfort.

Outdoor wear that's soft to the touch while offering durability, high performance, and flexible functionality as a fundamental part of Finetrack's 5 LAYERING® system. That's what our BASE LAYER is all about.

Experience the Synergistic Benefits of Finetrack's 5 Layer System®

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Finetrack's BASE LAYERs go beyond ordinary base layers with these features!

Finetrack's BASE LAYERs really comes into their own in harsh mountain environments!

Efficiently absorbs and transmits perspiration, dries quickly

Finetrack's BASE LAYER fabrics' uneven structure on the skin-facing surface and the plethora of contact points promote high water-conductivity, actively absorbing and, at the same time, diffusing perspiration away from the skin, resulting in quick-drying performance that consistently outperforms ordinary base layers.

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Superior perspiration absorption to help you stay dry and comfortable

Finetrack's BASE LAYERs boast a lineup of specialized functions including excellent breathability, tough durability, and smooth comfort to complement the fabric's proven efficient sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties.

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Absorbs sweat and diffuses it quickly

Designed for optimal compatibility with ELEMENTAL LAYER®

Your Finetrack BASE LAYER's fabric structure has been specifically designed to complement your ELEMENTAL LAYER® for peak performance. Layering with this ideal combination draws perspiration away from the skin so quickly and diffuses it away so efficiently that you'll remain as dry and comfortable as possible for the duration of your outdoor adventure.

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