The Importance of Choosing the Right Hiking Base Layer

The Importance of Choosing the Right Hiking Base Layer

Experienced adventurers understand that the right gear can significantly influence your outdoor experience. A piece of hiking gear that can have a profound impact on your comfort on the trail is the base layer. Layering for hiking is a strategy that involves wearing multiple layers, each with different properties, that work together to help hikers regulate their body temperature and manage moisture effectively. The ‘base layer' is usually the first layer of this system.

Staying Dry and Warm in the Outdoors

During physical exertion, even in cold weather, the body produces sweat. Besides causing discomfort, sweat can cool fast, especially at high altitudes and in cold environments. This cooled sweat causes chills and drains valuable heat from your body. As you lose heat, your body shivers and spends a lot of energy trying to keep you warm. Without intervention, this excessive heat and energy loss can even result in hypothermia. Equipped with moisture-wicking and diffusing properties, the base layer usually acts as the first line of defense against this by absorbing sweat off the skin and diffusing it away. So, when it comes to sweat management, choosing a fast-wick, fast-dry, high-performance base layer is very important. Finetrack takes this a step further with their revolutionary Elemental Layer® series.

Finetrack’s Cutting-Edge Base Layer

Tried and tested in Japan’s harsh mountainous terrain, Finetrack’s Base Layers combine natural ramie and wool with synthetic fibers and other proprietary materials in a unique knitting structure. This structure strikes a balance between functionality and comfort.

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The uneven design of the Base Layer’s skin-facing surface provides many contact points that promote high water conductivity, allowing the layer to efficiently absorb and diffuse sweat away from your skin. This results in quick-drying performance that outperforms ordinary base layers.

However, even the best base layer takes a while to dry. Although Finetrack’s Base Layer has top-of-the-line drying capabilities, perspiration takes time to diffuse and evaporate away. As this happens, your skin remains in contact with the wet base layer, causing heat to be lost as well as discomfort for the wearer. Some hikers solve this problem by changing into a dry base layer after their uphill climb, but Finetrack, dedicated to providing the best in comfort and safety, developed their innovative Elemental Layer®. 

Finetrack's Innovative Elemental Layer®

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Worn beneath the usual moisture-wicking base layer, Finetrack’s Elemental Layer® is a series of foundational layers designed to act as a new and improved next-to-skin layer. Made of a water-resistant, fine-mesh material, the Elemental Layer® repels moisture, letting sweat through its fabric to the moisture-wicking, quick-drying base layer. The Elemental Layer® acts as a shield to prevent the skin from touching the damp base layer, preventing unnecessary chills and energy loss while the base layer dries off. 

Finetrack’s Base layer is specifically designed to complement the Elemental Layer®, so the combination of both these elements results in peak performance. The Base Layer draws perspiration away from the skin and efficiently diffuses moisture away, while the Elemental Layer provides extra defense against chills caused by sweat and cold temperatures - altogether contributing to a drier and more comfortable outdoor adventure.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience with Finetrack

Choosing the right hiking base layer is an essential part of your outdoor gear selection. Finetrack’s optimized Base Layer ensures your comfort, appropriate temperature regulation, and an overall positive hiking experience. With the added protection of Finetrack's Elemental Layer®, you'll have an extra layer of security against moisture, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature has in store. 

The next time you're planning a hike, remember that your base layer is the foundation of your outdoor adventure - and you deserve the comfort and safety of the best in the game.

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