Layering Up for Trail Running: How to Choose the Best Clothes for Any Season

Layering Up for Trail Running: How to Choose the Best Clothes for Any Season

Trail running is a dynamic and exhilarating pursuit, but as the seasons change, so do the challenges. Whether you're navigating through the crisp air of autumn, the chill of winter, or the warmth of spring, choosing the right train running gear is vital to a comfortable and successful trail running experience. 

The Layering Strategy

Layering involves wearing multiple layers of clothing, each with different features and purposes, to create a versatile system that allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions, temperatures and activity levels. This is done with the end goal of keeping you safe and comfortable throughout your outdoor adventures. When it comes to trail running, proper planning for your layering strategy is crucial as you want to avoid carrying unnecessary weight while still being prepared for potential changes in weather and conditions. A well-thought-out layering strategy ensures you can stay comfortable, dry, and focused on the trail ahead. While the 3-layer system has been the go-to solution for outdoor enthusiasts, a new and improved system has emerged - Finetrack’s synergistic 5 LAYERING® System. 

Building on the traditional 3-layer system, the 5 LAYERING® System adds on two ingenious components - the Elemental Layer® and Midshell. These innovative solutions, together with Finetrack’s high-performance base layers, mid layers and outer shells, create a system that works in perfect synergy to offer you the best protection and comfort against the elements.

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Choosing the Right Base Layer

Serving as the foundational element in a strategic layering system, the importance of a base layer in outdoor activities cannot be overstated. This critical piece of clothing plays a big part in moisture management, temperature regulation, insulation and your overall comfort in the outdoors.

In hot weather like summer, you can prioritize lightweight and breathable materials for effective moisture-wicking and drying. Moderate seasons like fall and spring call for a balanced approach with materials that offer versatility in managing temperature fluctuations. For cold weather, especially in winter, you can opt for a base layer that provides a good balance between sweat-wicking and temperature regulating properties while keeping your layer as lightweight as possible so that you remain dry, warm and comfortable throughout the season. 

Finetrack’s base layers are an excellent choice for trail running as they are made of a hybrid of natural fibers for comfort and warmth, and synthetic fibers for fast-wicking and fast-drying properties, while being relatively lightweight. 

Finetrack’s Elemental Layer® - Experience Extreme Dryness

A good base layer is instrumental to your overall comfort and performance. However, since even the best base layers take some time to dry, you can still encounter discomfort and chills being in contact with your damp base layer. Worn directly on the skin under a sweat-wicking, quick-dry, high-performance base layer, Finetrack’s Elemental Layer® is the latest innovation in layering technology.

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Designed to work in perfect synergy with your base layer, this water-repellent, fine mesh Elemental Layer® propels sweat away from your skin towards your moisture-wicking base layer to be diffused away from your internal environment. The Elemental Layer then works as a dry shield between your skin and the damp base layer, protecting your skin from chills and preventing unnecessary heat loss while the base layer dries off. Whether you are facing the heat of summer or the chill of winter, the Elemental Layer® is a masterclass in versatility, ensuring optimal dryness and comfort so you can focus on enjoying your trail running adventure. 

Mid Layer - Efficient Sweat Management and Warmth

Temperatures can quickly drop when trail running, whether because of a change in weather conditions or from increasing your elevation. In these cases, a mid layer becomes paramount to your safety and comfort.

Worn between your base layer and your protective outer layer, the mid layer plays an important insulating role, keeping the body warm in colder conditions. However, when it comes to trail running, a unique challenge is presented due to the significant fluctuations in body temperature that occur while both in motion and at rest. Due to the amount of sweating involved in the activity, moisture management then becomes a top priority. Still, temperatures can fluctuate without warning on the trail and trail run can quickly become freezing, especially when you are at rest.

Not wanting to be weighed down during their trail runs, runners typically carry extra fleece or down garments in their backpacks as a precautionary measure against extreme cold. However, an ideal scenario would involve maintaining the same clothing layers while running and resting. Achieving this requires a reliable mid-layer that excels in sweat management - wicking sweat from your base layer to be evaporated away - while also providing sufficient warmth. This is precisely where Finetrack’s main focus is. 

Finetrack’s Mid Layers continuously wick and diffuse your sweat away on your trail run. If the temperature gets too warm and stuffy, the Finetrack Mid Layers are equipped with LINKVENT® ventilation features for temperature and humidity control. The Drought Clo Jacket is a perfect example of a hyper moisture wicking mid-layer that keeps you dry, comfortable and warm on the trail.

Weather-Resistant Outer Layers

Shielding yourself from the elements is crucial as nature can take unpredictable turns at any time. The outer layer, also known as the shell layer, is the outermost component in the layering system worn during outdoor activities. Positioned over the base layer and mid-layer, the outer layer serves as a protective barrier against external elements such as wind, rain, snow, and cold temperatures. Its primary functions include providing weather resistance, blocking wind, and offering waterproof or water-resistant properties to keep you dry. 

For milder weather conditions, a softshell jacket that is water-resistant and breathable would provide flexibility and comfort while still offering sufficient protection from the elements. For severe weather conditions and heavy precipitation, a hardshell jacket made of water- and wind-proof materials would be ideal. However, in harsher weather conditions, with just one outer shell protecting you from the elements, there is still a significant chance of snow or rain penetrating your layering system. That is why Finetrack developed their Double Shell® system.

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The Finetrack Double Shell® utilizes two layers of shells, the Midshell® and the Outer Shell to prevent any wetness from breaking through due to harsh outdoor conditions. Similar to that of a double window pane system, which is used in colder climates to prevent fogging and dewy condensation of windows, the two shells prevent condensation from forming inside your layering system while still being breathable and comfortable.

Be a Trail Running Master!

Now, you can lace up your trail running shoes, armed with newfound insights into layering essentials, ready to conquer every trail in every season. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or embarking on your first off-road adventure, master the art of layering to ensure your comfort, adaptability, and an enjoyable experience with every stride. Embrace the diverse beauty of trail running, layer up wisely, and let the trails become your personal playground.

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